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The All One Story

James IngoldsbyCurrently, there are many products on the market designed to supplement your diet with nutrients. These products were not available when James Ingoldsby began introducing vitamin supplements to the public in the late 1930's. Heralded "the founding father of the vitamin industry," Ingoldsby introduced the first 100 milligram Vitamin C tablet to the American marketplace in 1936. At the time, a dosage of that amount was considered highly dangerous and caused an outrage in the medical profession. Now, a 100 mg C tablet is considered minimal at best.

In 1936, Ingoldsby met a pioneering nutritionist who recommended combinations of nutrients that were not available to the consumer. With a passion for good health and a mind for materializing ideas, Ingoldsby took the initiative to introduce vitamin products under the company name, Plus Products. A leader in the vitamin industry, his company was the first to offer higher dosages of Vitamin C, a complete B-Complex formula and the original "Stress formula" (B-Complex with C).

By the time Ingoldsby sold Plus Products in 1968, Americans had begun to believe in taking vitamins to improve their health and the company had become one of the largest vitamin producers in the nation. Among some of his nutritional products in food form, Ingoldsby developed Instant Breakfast, Tiger's Milk Protein Powder and Tiger's Milk candy bars--the first of the now prolific "nutrition" candy bars.

Ingoldsby continued his research and new product development because he was still dissatisfied with the drawbacks of vitamins in tablet form. Once he created a powdered supplement, he began selling it under the company name, Nutritech. Established in 1972 with his son Doug, Nutritech specialized in designing superior quality dietary supplements. Their mission was to offer pure vitamins and minerals without the additives necessary in the manufacturing of pills. These additives included flow agents, binders, fillers, disintegrates and coatings required to hold them together and cause them to dissolve in the digestive tract.

Along with the Ingoldsby standard of purity, James always looked for ways to provide the most value at the least cost. He knew that customers ended up paying the premiums for the packaging and marketing of all the different vitamins (on average at least twenty types) that they needed to take to meet individual health requirements. Moreover, his research verified his suspicion that people could not fully digest the vitamin tablets they swallowed; often their digestive track could not break down and assimilate the nutrients concentrated in pill form. This is especially acute with seniors. While seeking the most cost-effective and assimilable product, he designed a powdered vitamin-mineral complex.

Ingoldsby's ultimate challenge was to find a way for his non-compressed powdered vitamin and mineral formulas to mix with liquid completely, without any of the bad taste usually associated with vitamins. Before Ingoldsby's experiments, the only way to mask the bitter taste of vitamins and metallic taste of minerals had been to add flavorings (like chocolate) and secret sweeteners. Through diligent research, he discovered the protein used in chelation was the answer to this dilemma. Chelation is the process of combining minerals and compatible amino acid proteins to form a holistic complex like food; theoretically this combination was more like nature intended for nutrition to be ingested. Ingoldsby named his new formula TRN (Time Released Nutrition). He referred to this accomplishment as "the culmination of my life's work."

Today Nutritech is run by James' son, Doug. Although Doug Ingoldsby had been taking vitamins all his life, it wasn't until 1972, when his father asked him to try TRN, that he became excited about the field of nutrition. "It was the first time I had ever taken a vitamin supplement and actually felt a difference," he says, and the first time he truly believed in a vitamin product.

By 1979, James was ready to move on to semi-retirement. Doug took the helm at Nutritech and relocated his company to Santa Barbara, California. When Doug assumed leadership, TRN was sold primarily through doctors and their referrals. The average health conscious consumer had still not heard of the high potency, complete powdered dietary supplement. "I thought all I had to do was put it out there and people would instantly recognize it (as the wonder product that it was)". Yet, it was hard to spread the word.

His ace was dealt in 1984, when a small article about TRN was published in Esquire magazine which brought a tremendous response. Over one thousand paid orders poured in during the first week alone. Upon realizing the vast market out there for an effective dietary supplement powder, Doug began to rethink the product and its unique qualities. At this time, he renamed and repackaged the product as ALL ONE. The new name summed up the fact that it was a complete well-balanced dietary supplement. ALL ONE was truly the first among high potency powdered supplements.

Today, Nutritech continues to hear from happy ALL ONE customers. People call in daily with reports of how they are seeing positive changes in their health. Results include everything from restoring natural hair color to facilitating recovery from illness. Personal accounts verify that ALL ONE improves bodily functions like neurotransmission, digestion and elimination of toxins. Users of ALL ONE rave about their increased energy and improved sense of well-being. The Ingoldsby name still holds the guarantee of only the finest, purest whole food ingredients blended to perfection. Nutritech believes that ALL ONE has withstood the test of time and the results people feel can only be passed on person to person. Nutritech still has a 100% money back guarantee on any and all of their products.


Here at ALL ONE/Nutritech, we believe that nutrition supplements are more completely absorbed and more easily taken when in a powder form. When you begin taking ALL ONE, the effectiveness and results are noticeable right away. Our philosophy is simple: provide a daily nutrition regimen that is easy to take, readily used by your body, supports optimum health and improves your quality of life. For more than 30 years we have supplied quality, innovative, high-potency supplement powders. We are so proud and confident of our supplements that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

With more than 50 vitamins, minerals and amino acids, ALL ONE turns a glass of juice into a one-step, all day nutrition program. So say goodbye to that dreaded handful of hard pressed tablets and pills. Get rid of all those rows and rows of bottles and jars and begin your day with ALL ONE: it's the easy and economical way to enjoy total nutrition.

In today's highly competitive supplement marketplace, we remain one of the last few family run businesses. We are proud of our formulas, proud of their results, and proud of the fact that we were the first company to introduce a comprehensive multiple vitamin and mineral protein powder to the market.

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