Are ALL ONE Vitamins Made From “Whole Foods”?

I get variations of this question a lot these days. Here’s one with a truthful answer, something you will NOT always get from other vitamin companies.

Question:  I understand rice contains B vitamins.  Do you get your B vitamins from rice?  I heard only “plant based”  vitamins from “whole foods” are good and to avoid “synthetic” vitamins.  Which is ALL ONE and what’s the real story on this?

The Vitamin Professor Responds:

It is a very common misconception that certain vitamin supplements come from whole foods or are “plant based” while others are “synthetic”. For years and years hundreds of different companies have continued to mislead consumers by continuing to perpetuate this myth as a way to market their products to the natural foods customer. 

THE TRUTH IS THIS: ALL vitamin and mineral supplements, that are of any potency and stability, are are derived from synthetically created USP nutrients.  These synthetically created pharmaceutical grade nutrients are identical to vitamins that exist in nature and are the materials that are used to achieve nutrient potencies.

Sometimes they will be called “food based.” or “food grown.”  Food based supplements are just that, a blend of synthetically created nutrients in a “base” of  a small amount of food material.  “Food grown” supplements are synthetically created nutrients which have been cultured in a matrix of yeast and sometimes other ingredients like bioflavonoids and/or probiotics.  Because these USP vitamins have been “fed” to a yeast culture they are then called food “grown.”

Other times they are simply sold as “derived from organic whole food sources” with pretty pictures of fruits and vegetables on the package.  However, to a trained eye, the names of the synthetically created USP nutrients are listed right on the label in plain site i.e.: Thiamine, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine etc.

For example, there are companies that claim to produce “rice based B vitamins”, but they are simply adding rice hulls to the USP grade B vitamins. There ARE B vitamins in brown rice, however, not at the levels necessary to use them as a “source” of B vitamins in commercial vitamin products.

There is very little in the way of studies that confirm whether the absorption of these “whole food” nutrients is any greater that if you were to simply take synthetically created nutrients at the same time as eating food.

This does NOT mean that ALL nutrients in supplements (primarily minerals and proteins) are synthetically created and often times the beginning point of the synthesis process with certain vitamins (vitamin E for example) DOES begin with plant material.

ALL ONE powders, our multiples and weight loss formulas, are in whole food bases.  Serious amounts of whole food.  Eight GRAMS of protein in ALL ONE Original for example.  These are the various food bases in our products. ALL ONE Original is in a base of lactose and fat free New Zealand grass fed milk protein, ALL ONE Active Seniors formula is in a base of Whey protein also from New Zealand,  ALL ONE Rice Base, an Kids formulas are in a base of California grown pesticide free rice protein.  Each dose of ALL ONE Green Phyto base is in a base of 2 grams of certified organic green foods and rice protein and ALL ONE Fruit Antioxidant formula is in a base of 2 grams of fruit pigments and rice protein.  ALL ONE weight loss formulas are in a base of activated barley and whey protein.

Being pure nutrient powders, all our ALL ONE formulas are free of the non nutritive binders, fillers, lubricants, coating and disintegrating agents found in all tablet products   They are also free of the preservatives that are found in ALL pre-made liquid formulas.

ALL ONE powders are high potency vitamins that are more like whole foods than any hard pressed tablet could ever hope to be.

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Hope that helps to clarify this issue.

Doug, “The Vitamin Professor”‘
and more recently, “The Vitamin Mythbuster”

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5 Responses to Are ALL ONE Vitamins Made From “Whole Foods”?

  1. Hal Kearney says:

    Really nice and honest advice! I love it, Absolutely Brilliant!

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  3. You tell em Doug! I love this break down of the shake down in most vitamins these days. True Compassion based Nutrition vs. Consumer Manipulation is the name of the game! All One totally rocks!

  4. You tell em Doug! I love this break down of the shake down in most vitamins these days. True Compassion based Nutrition vs. Consumer Manipulation is the name of the game! All One totally rocks!

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