What's the difference between D2 and D3 Forms of Vitamin D?

We have received multiple questions recently regarding the D2 vs the D3 form of Vitamin D. Here is one of my responses on this explaining the ALL ONE choice of Vitamin D and how we are moving to a new D3 form.

Thank you for your email and comment regarding  Vitamin D2 and D3.

Before I continue I would like to share this quote from The Science and Practice of Pharmacy:

“Both Vitamin D2 and D3 are precursors (pro-vitamins) and are converted to THE SAME active metabolites, which are responsible for the absorption of calcium.”
- Kemington; The Science and Practice of Pharmacy, 19th Edition ,1995 pg. 1111 (emphasis added)

As far as your body is concerned the two different forms of Vitamin D are identical.

Now I will address your comments.

The most “natural” form is the vitamin D is the one your body creates when your skin is exposed to sunlight.

It has been a family tradition to create formulas that are suitable for vegetarians.  We also make formulas that are suitable for vegans.  Until recently the most common source of Vitamin D3 has been fish oil which is unsuitable for vegetarians.  This is the reason we selected vitamin D2.

Our ALL ONE Rice Base, ALL ONE Fruit Antioxidant, ALL ONE Green Phyto Base formulas are all “certified vegan.”  Therefore, Ergocalciferol (D2) is the ONLY suitable vegan form of vitamin D available to us as a manufacturer.

Our ALL ONE Original and ALL ONE for Active Senior formulas, while suitable for vegetarians are not “certified vegan” because they contain (dairy) milk proteins.  Lactose and fat free casein in the Original and Whey protein in the Active Senior formula.

There is now available a Vitamin D3 which is synthesized from lanolin (lambs wool).  This lambs wool source of vitamin D is fine for vegetarians.

Therefore, in a few months, our ALL ONE Active Senior and ALL ONE Original formulas will contain vitamin D3.

Also, at that time we are switching to vitamin D3 in these two formulas, we will also be increasing the amount of vitamin D in ALL our formulas from 500 IU to 800 IU.  ALL ONE for Active Seniors will be increased to 1,000 International Units.

As a side note we will also be changing the source of our vitamin B12 from Cyanocobaliamin to Methylcobalamin in all of our formulas.

Hope this addresses your question.

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