Ulcerative Proctitis And Vitamins?

Andrea Asks:

I have just been diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis. It is a very mild case, only present in the bottom two inches. I am looking for more than just a band-aid for my symptoms. I am looking to find a nutritional means for healing. It is worth mentioning that I also was diagnosed with mild irritation at the top of my stomach too. I find it interesting that I have irritation at the entrance and exit for my digestive system but everything else appears o.k. Do you think that All One could help nourish and repair the areas I have mentioned?

The Vitamin Professor Responds:

Dear Andrea,

I cannot address you particular medical condition as I am not a Doctor.

However, I can say that many studies have indicated that multiple supplementation, like ALL ONE, helps speed wound healing and, for sure, ALL ONE will nourish your entire body.

Also, being a powder, when mixed with juice, ALL ONE is more easily absorbed than compressed tablets.  It is also free of the non nutritive excipients (binders, fillers, disintegrating and coating agents) common to vitamin pills.

I can also send along this unsolicited testimonial from one of our ALL ONE customers.

“When I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome more than 20 years ago, the doctor’s only recommendation was to avoid spicy foods. Back then, nutrition did not play a big part in a doctor’s visit. I was researching one of my health magazines, looking for a way to take vitamins without having to swallow so many pills. I found a product called ALL ONE Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Powder Green Phyto Base. It can be purchased by calling (800) 235 5727 or on the internet at www.all one.com. In addition to the vitamins, ALL ONE also gave me a good dose of phyto nutrients such as alfalfa juice, cruciferous vegetables, spirulina, sea kelp and more. So I started making a daily smoothie consisting of orange juice, yogurt and whatever fruit I wanted to throw into this strange green powder. It looked ugly, but tasted great and it did the trick in two days. Now I am regular for the first time in my life. I know it’s an embarrassing topic for most people to talk about, but I hope my experience can help others.”

Good luck with your condition.

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