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What Is The Shelf Life of ALL ONE?

Rachel Asks How long will the ALL ONE Multiple Vitamins & Minerals Original Formula last after opening? Because it’s a powder, it doesn’t seem like it would go “bad”, but I’m wondering if the vitamins would lose their potency over … Continue reading

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ALL ONE on The Mark and Brian Show

ALL ONE founder Doug Ingoldsby recently appeared on the popular syndicated radio show “The Mark & Brian Show” originating on KLOS – FM, Los Angeles. In this short interview, Doug reveals the dirty little secret about processed foods and explains … Continue reading

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Is A Junk Food Diet Killing America?

Perry Asks So what do you think of this English guy Jamie Oliver who claims our diet of junk food is killing America and is on a mission to change our eating habits? And how does ALL ONE fit in? … Continue reading

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What's the difference between D2 and D3 Forms of Vitamin D?

We have received multiple questions recently regarding the D2 vs the D3 form of Vitamin D. Here is one of my responses on this explaining the ALL ONE choice of Vitamin D and how we are moving to a new … Continue reading

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Can I alternate between ALL ONE vitamin formulas?

Linda asks: I am interested in several all one products.  I know I can alternate, however, I am concerned that I am not getting the extra supplements that are in the Senior formula.  For instance, I am looking at the … Continue reading

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What About The Minimum Daily Requirements?

Sue asks: Do I need to take an additional mineral supplement since ALL ONE does not contain 100% of the requirements for copper (10%), potassium (3%), biotin (10%), Chromium (40%), Selenium (70%) etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the … Continue reading

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Why separate ALL ONE multiple powders and Totally Fiber?

Stephen Asks: I just read your suggestions to the fellow wanting to detox (original post here) You suggest separating the fiber and green phyto product.  My shake includes the fiber and powder, hopefully this works for general use.  It would … Continue reading

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What’s the best vitamin for the swine flu?

Sharon asks: Which vitamin is the best to combat the swine flu? The Vitamin Professor Responds: There is no one particular vitamin that is good for the swine flu although vitamin A and vitamin C are referred to the most … Continue reading

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Can I take vitamins & fiber at the same time?

Scott asks: I saw you on Know the Cause with Doug. Your products are AWESOME. I want to cleanse my body, start taking probotics and get on the phase one diet. Should I take your green label vitamin and psyllium … Continue reading

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Are Nutra Pack vitamins good?

Patricia asks: Are nutra pack vitamins good? The Vitamin Professor Responds: I am not familiar with the brand “Nutra Pack”, however, I do feel that when you are choosing a multiple formula that a powder like ALL ONE is far … Continue reading

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