How Does ALL ONE Compare to CATALYN?

Pesi asks

My chiropractor who is also a nutritionist swears by the vitamins made by this company called Standard Process. He claims this company has its own fields of plants and vegetables and is completely free from any synthetic materials.  Their labels will not have the usual Thiamine, Riboflavin, etc but only food based like carrot, ginger etc. He says these products from standard are very easy on the stomach and are absorbed very easily by the body compared to others like synthetics and blends. Their website is and their flagship product multivitamin called CATALYN costs $31 for 360 tablets (twice a day).

What is this brand called ALL ONE which you recommend and how does it compare to this CATALYN from Standard Process? Continue reading

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ALL ONE on The Mark and Brian Show

ALL ONE founder Doug Ingoldsby recently appeared on the popular syndicated radio show “The Mark & Brian Show” originating on KLOS – FM, Los Angeles. In this short interview, Doug reveals the dirty little secret about processed foods and explains clearly why a good multi vitamin is so important to optimal health.

M&B: With us on the phone is Doug Ingoldsby. He’s a vitamin professor and I will just read the statement here and it’s kind of true. Do you ever put French fries, chips, crackers or other snack foods into your mouth thinking to yourself, “Man, these are great.  I just can’t stop eating these.” You’ve just been pumped by an ingenious group of laboratory chemists who’ve discovered how to mix together batches of complex chemicals to produce the taste, colors, smells, and textures of real food – correction, real delicious food. Continue reading

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Is ALL ONE a Hair, Nails and Skin Vitamin?

Jason Asks

Hi, I have been diagnosed with sebborrheic dermititus and have recently been trying to find a good combo of vitamin supplements to take. I started taking a hair, nails and skin vitamin, but here recently after visiting a GNC, I was told that I should take a regular multivitamin with it. The reason she said was that the hair, nail and skin would get all my vitamins that the rest of my body needs. Is this good information or was she trying to sell me something I don’t really need? Thanks, Jason Continue reading

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Are ALL ONE Vitamins Made From “Whole Foods”?

I get variations of this question a lot these days. Here’s one with a truthful answer, something you will NOT always get from other vitamin companies.

Question:  I understand rice contains B vitamins.  Do you get your B vitamins from rice?  I heard only “plant based”  vitamins from “whole foods” are good and to avoid “synthetic” vitamins.  Which is ALL ONE and what’s the real story on this? Continue reading

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Is A Junk Food Diet Killing America?

jamieoliverPerry Asks

So what do you think of this English guy Jamie Oliver who claims our diet of junk food is killing America and is on a mission to change our eating habits? And how does ALL ONE fit in?

The Vitamin Professor Responds

I love his energy and everything he is attempting to do.  I saw his presentation at the TED conference and think he is right on.

How does ALL ONE fit into all this?  ALL ONE is the perfect nutritional supplement.  A holistic antidote to the rampant obesity and frightening array of diseases resulting from diets that do not meet the bodies exacting requirements.  Food manufacturers have been dragged kicking and screaming to this debate and are evolving ever-so-slowly when it comes to modifying their products and the misleading way they are marketed.  A root cause of America’s collective state of obesity and poor diet is the food we eat contains tons of empty calories, plenty of preservatives but little in the way of the critical vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, and healthy protein the body requires for survival. Continue reading

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What's the difference between D2 and D3 Forms of Vitamin D?

We have received multiple questions recently regarding the D2 vs the D3 form of Vitamin D. Here is one of my responses on this explaining the ALL ONE choice of Vitamin D and how we are moving to a new D3 form.

Thank you for your email and comment regarding  Vitamin D2 and D3.

Before I continue I would like to share this quote from The Science and Practice of Pharmacy:

“Both Vitamin D2 and D3 are precursors (pro-vitamins) and are converted to THE SAME active metabolites, which are responsible for the absorption of calcium.”
- Kemington; The Science and Practice of Pharmacy, 19th Edition ,1995 pg. 1111 (emphasis added)

As far as your body is concerned the two different forms of Vitamin D are identical.

Now I will address your comments.

The most “natural” form is the vitamin D is the one your body creates when your skin is exposed to sunlight.

It has been a family tradition to create formulas that are suitable for vegetarians.  We also make formulas that are suitable for vegans.  Until recently the most common source of Vitamin D3 has been fish oil which is unsuitable for vegetarians.  This is the reason we selected vitamin D2.

Our ALL ONE Rice Base, ALL ONE Fruit Antioxidant, ALL ONE Green Phyto Base formulas are all “certified vegan.”  Therefore, Ergocalciferol (D2) is the ONLY suitable vegan form of vitamin D available to us as a manufacturer.

Our ALL ONE Original and ALL ONE for Active Senior formulas, while suitable for vegetarians are not “certified vegan” because they contain (dairy) milk proteins.  Lactose and fat free casein in the Original and Whey protein in the Active Senior formula.

There is now available a Vitamin D3 which is synthesized from lanolin (lambs wool).  This lambs wool source of vitamin D is fine for vegetarians.

Therefore, in a few months, our ALL ONE Active Senior and ALL ONE Original formulas will contain vitamin D3.

Also, at that time we are switching to vitamin D3 in these two formulas, we will also be increasing the amount of vitamin D in ALL our formulas from 500 IU to 800 IU.  ALL ONE for Active Seniors will be increased to 1,000 International Units.

As a side note we will also be changing the source of our vitamin B12 from Cyanocobaliamin to Methylcobalamin in all of our formulas.

Hope this addresses your question.

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What Makes ALL ONE Any Better Than Vibe?

Kyle Asks

I have been taking liquid Vibe, the so called “best liquid vitamin supplement on the market” and the Ultimate meal by  Even have gone so far as to make up own vitamin regime from Dr.Earl of the Vitamin Bible – too many pills to take! So what is going to make your product any better for me? I am just looking for a simple way of getting what I need to try and protect myself from all the nasty things the food companies are putting into our food system.

The Vitamin Professor Responds

Dear Kyle,

Thank you for your email and interest in ALL ONE.

Anybody can call their product as “the best liquid supplement on the market.”  In reality Vibe (the latest multi-level sensation) has only been around for about five years and is really not all that different from all the other pre-made liquids out there.

The drawback to pre-made liquids are numerous.  They always contain some form of sweetener and some form of non nutritive suspending agents.  However, the biggest draw back to pre-made liquids are the preservatives.  They ALL contain preservatives. The most common preservative used is sodium benzoate.  Sodium benzoate reacts with vitamin C (also in the formula) to create benzene a known carcinogenic substance for which there are no known safe levels.

I notice on the Vibe label they list 2 preservatives potassium sorbate and “benzoic acid (a sodium salt) (naturally protect freshness).”  Now that’s a less than honest way of listing sodium benzoate …

I have blogged about liquid vitamins vs powders

Doesn’t sound to me like “Vibe” fits the criteria you state in your email of “to try and protect myself from all the nasty things the food companies are putting into our food system.”

“The Ultimate Meal”, on the other hand, is a very clean and nutritious product.  I am a personal friend of the owner and respect his work. However, I believe, his product contains nutrient potencies far lower than research indicates are valuable.

We have been in the business for 40 years and have developed five basic ALL ONE formulas.

All of our ALL ONE Multiple powder formulas offer a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals and naturally occurring amino acids (protein) in various food bases from certified organic green foods to antioxidant rich fruit pigments, rice or milk proteins.

As to which of our multiple formulas is best for you it is a matter of personal choice. Vegans prefer the rice protein formulas.

All of the ingredients and formulas are on the ALL ONE website.

See also: Choosing the best multi vitamin on the ALL ONE blog

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ALL ONE Powder in My Morning Oatmeal?

Donna Asks

Can I mix ALL ONE Powder into my morning oatmeal? Since I already add chopped nuts, molasses, raisins and ground flax seed, it would be really handy.

The Vitamin Professor Responds

Dear Donna,

Interesting question. There is nothing wrong with mixing ALL ONE powder into your morning Oatmeal.

Oatmeal, Applesauce, Yogurt these are all fine mediums to mix ALL ONE as an alternative to drinking it in juice.

Two things to keep in mind:

1)  you don’t want to expose the ALL ONE powder to high heat for very long as that can compromise the potencies of various nutrients.

2) you will probably want to start with a half dose (7.5 grams) as a full dose may effect the taste a bit.

Actually, your concoction of oatmeal, chopped nuts, molasses, raisins and ground flax seed and some ALL ONE sounds like a darn good way to start your day!

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Vitamin E For Dry Skin?

Erin asks:

I am a little confused about vitamin E supplements. I have very dry skin on my face that lotions do not help so I want to take vitamin E. I know I need to take the gamma vitamin E with tocopherols and tocotrienols but my question is: should I get the lower dose instead of the usual 400 IU which I read is too much to take?

The Vitamin Professor Responds:

Dear Erin,

400 IU (International Units) of Vitamin E is a very common dosage and is certainly very safe level to take on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that Vitamin E is only one of the nutrients that effect the skin.

I would recommend a multiple formula, like ALL ONE, which contains not only Vitamin E but a whole host of additional vitamins, minerals, naturally occurring amino acids and other nutritious food factors.

We feel that nutrients taken in a more complex, and multiple, formulation increase the overall effectiveness on each specific vitamin and/or mineral.

ALL ONE contains 400 IU of natural Vitamin E as d-Alpha Tocopherol Succinate (the only water dispersible Vitamin E) along with these complex / complete multiple formulations.

I would suggest giving ALL ONE a try for a month and see how it effects your condition.

Check back and let us know how it’s going.

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Ulcerative Proctitis And Vitamins?

Andrea Asks:

I have just been diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis. It is a very mild case, only present in the bottom two inches. I am looking for more than just a band-aid for my symptoms. I am looking to find a nutritional means for healing. It is worth mentioning that I also was diagnosed with mild irritation at the top of my stomach too. I find it interesting that I have irritation at the entrance and exit for my digestive system but everything else appears o.k. Do you think that All One could help nourish and repair the areas I have mentioned?

The Vitamin Professor Responds:

Dear Andrea,

I cannot address you particular medical condition as I am not a Doctor.

However, I can say that many studies have indicated that multiple supplementation, like ALL ONE, helps speed wound healing and, for sure, ALL ONE will nourish your entire body.

Also, being a powder, when mixed with juice, ALL ONE is more easily absorbed than compressed tablets.  It is also free of the non nutritive excipients (binders, fillers, disintegrating and coating agents) common to vitamin pills.

I can also send along this unsolicited testimonial from one of our ALL ONE customers.

“When I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome more than 20 years ago, the doctor’s only recommendation was to avoid spicy foods. Back then, nutrition did not play a big part in a doctor’s visit. I was researching one of my health magazines, looking for a way to take vitamins without having to swallow so many pills. I found a product called ALL ONE Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Powder Green Phyto Base. It can be purchased by calling (800) 235 5727 or on the internet at www.all In addition to the vitamins, ALL ONE also gave me a good dose of phyto nutrients such as alfalfa juice, cruciferous vegetables, spirulina, sea kelp and more. So I started making a daily smoothie consisting of orange juice, yogurt and whatever fruit I wanted to throw into this strange green powder. It looked ugly, but tasted great and it did the trick in two days. Now I am regular for the first time in my life. I know it’s an embarrassing topic for most people to talk about, but I hope my experience can help others.”

Good luck with your condition.

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