Does ALL ONE Contain L-Argenine?

Robby asks:

There is a lot of press regarding L-Argenine increasing circulation, stamina etc. What are your thoughts on it, and do you have a product that contains this ingredient???

The Vitamin Professor Responds:

Dear Robby,

Thanks for your question about L- Arginine and interest in ALL ONEĀ®.

All of our ALL ONE formulas contain Arginine. 311 mg Arginine in the Original ALL ONE, 388 mg in the Rice Base ALL ONE, 212 mg in the Fruit Antioxidant ALL ONE, 257 mg in the Green Phyto Base ALL ONE and 132 mg Arginine in the Active Seniors ALL ONE. Arginine in the ALL ONE formulas is as found naturally occurring in protein. Milk protein in the Original and Active Senior ALL ONE and Rice protein in the other formulas.

Arginine is considered a is a conditionally nonessential amino acid, meaning most of the time it can be manufactured by the human body, and does not need to be obtained directly through the diet.

Beginning in the 1980′s there has been a lot of research conducted on “isolated” amino acids. Isolated amino acids are often synthetically created or isolated from various proteins. These isolated amino acids are referred to as L form: L- Arginine, L- Tryptophan, L-Glycine etc.

Isolated amino acids behave in a manner quite different from those found in a natural complex (whole protein).

For example L-Tryptophan taken by itself with water is an extremely effective sleep aid. However, that sleep inducing effect is diminished if L-Tryptophan is taken with milk where it can re-combine with the other amino acids in the milk protein.

Basically what I am getting to here is that the studies you are referring to deal with the effects derived from taking isolated L- Arginine. These will be different from consuming it as part of the complex natural proteins found in ALL ONE.

Our specialty here at ALL ONE is to provide complex total multiple nutrition in the purest, simplest form possible. Pure nutrient powders.

While I find the study and effectiveness of the application of isolated amino acids quite fascinating and useful, we do not specialize in that particular part of nutrition modality.

My suggestion to you, if you choose to take additional L- Arginine would be to take it with water and at a different time of day than when you take your ALL ONE or eat a meal.

I hope this addresses your question.

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