Correct Calcium to Magnesium Ratio

Sharon asks:

I’d like to know why the ratio of calcium to magnesium is not the usual 2:1 or even 1:1. I bought the product without noticing that the calcium was 1,113 mg with only 200 mg. of magnesium per serving. Now I feel as if I must go out and buy extra magnesium to make the supplement more balanced. I would appreciate knowing the reason you’ve formulated it this way. Thank you, Sharon

The Vitamin Professor Responds

Hi Sharon,

While in theory 2 to 1 Magnesium to Calcium) sounds workable when it comes to application in formulation it can create problems. Consumers want measurable amounts of Calcium in their daily multiple (often more than 1,000 mg) Magnesium in high doses causes diarrhea (think ‘Milk of Magnesia’). So while it is easy to find a Magnesium powder that you could add to your ALL ONE to suit your needs I am afraid we would experience a large amount of “consumer resistance” – ‘;o) – if those higher doses of Magnesium were part of our regular formulation. As a side note larger amounts of Magnesium would also negatively effect the taste, an important consideration with ALL ONE as we use no flavorings or sweeteners to mask the taste.

Hope this helps.

Doug Ingoldsby
AKA, “The Vitamin Professor”

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