What Are The Correct Amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D?

Ellen asks

Isn’t it better to take 500 mg of calcium 3 times a day than taking the 1,125 mg all at once that is in the Active Senior powdered multi vitamin?

Also, is D3 1,000 IU too much to take daily and is that absorbable in such a high quantity?

The Vitamin Professor Responds

Dear Ellen,

If you were taking your supplements in a compressed tablet then spacing the calcium out throughout the day would make sense. This does not apply to a powder in a base of protein. The protein digestion, because it replicates food, suspends the calcium absorption unlike a hard compressed tablet.

There has been tons of research in the past ten years indicating that most Americans are vitamin D deficient.  I believe this is primarily due to spending most of our day inside and smearing sun block on our skin for the few minutes a day we are outside. Vitamin D is created when the sun hits the derma (Skin).  That, and the fact it greatly improves ones mood, is why vitamin D is been often referred to as “the sunshine vitamin.”

It was a result of this current research on vitamin D that we increased the amount of vitamin D in our formulas.

All the best,

Doug Ingoldsby
Founder – ALL ON

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