Can I alternate between ALL ONE vitamin formulas?

Linda asks:

I am interested in several all one products.  I know I can alternate, however, I am concerned that I am not getting the extra supplements that are in the Senior formula.  For instance, I am looking at the green the fruit and the fiber.  Could I alternate between four different products and still get all the vitamins I should?  Thank you for your help.

The Vitamin Professor Responds:

Dear Linda,

Thank you for your question and interest in ALL ONE.

A number of our customers alternate between our various multiple formulas.  That way they get the benefit of the ‘certified organic’ green foods in our ALL ONE Green Phyto Base, the antioxidant rich fruit pigments in our ALL ONE Fruit Antioxidant base as well as the CoQ10, Gingko and FOS found in our ALL ONE for Active Seniors.

It works fine because each multiple, while varying slightly in certain potencies,  are essentially the same high potency vitamin, mineral, amino acid supplement in different bases.

When it comes to fiber and the vitamins I recommend that you take the ALL ONE Multiple in the morning and the Totally Fiber in the evening before retiring.

I wrote about that here.

I hope this addresses your question.

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