Choosing The Best Multi Vitamin

spoonWith the FDA and FTC (Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission) cracking down on nutritional supplement “claims”, the various vitamin companies competing for your attention can’t really “say” anything. So how do you, as a consumer, get the facts to choose the best multi vitamin? (see also Best Liquid Vitamin)

The nutritional supplement market is now a multi-Billion dollar enterprise. In an industry this large, many of the key ingredients are produced by a limited number of raw material manufacturers. There is a very good chance that the Thiamine (Vitamin B-1) or Riboflavin (B-2) found in the cute, colored Centrum tablet come from the same supplier that we use here at ALL ONE. And most likely the same B-1 and B-2 used by the company claiming they are the best because they “grow” their vitamins. So, what makes one product “better” than the others?

3 Simple Things Make ALL ONE the Best Multi Vitamin

1) Easy Nutrient Absorption. The common vitamin pill is the least efficient “mode of administration” when it comes to proper nutrient absorption. Do this simple test: drop a vitamin pill into a glass of water and come back an hour later or so. Chances are, it will be as solid as ever and in some cases, can pass entirely through the digestive system intact. Watch the AM Arizona show where ALL ONE founder Doug Ingoldsby demonstrates the drawbacks of a solid pill in a glass of water. See also Nutrient Absorption

2) Purity of ingredients. Compressed tablets contain binders, fillers, disintegrating agents, coatings and other non nutritive additives. Liquids are better as far as absorption, but pre made liquids typically contain flavorings, sweeteners, suspending agents and artificial preservatives, including sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate. In a billion dollar supplement market, ALL ONE is unique in that it is the only complete pure nutrient multiple powder free of any sweeteners and flavorings – ALL ONE is pure nutrition and nothing else. For the most pure liquid multi vitamin, mix our powder with your favorite juice and enjoy! See Liquid Vitamins for more bad news about liquid vitamins.

3) Combination of ingredients. ALL ONEĀ  contains high quality New Zealand milk proteins in our vegetarian formulas (or rice protein in the popular Vegan formulas). These whole proteins provide generous portions of naturally occurring amino acids important in the assimilation of Calcium and other minerals as well as well as providing a healthy and natural “food base” for ALL ONE’s complete multi vitamin profile.

Original Formula Mulitple Vitamin PowderIn a highly competitive supplement marketplace, we believe these three simple things make ALL ONE the absolute best multi vitamin. We are clearly biased and “best” is perhaps a matter of opinion. But don’t take our word for it, read what our happy customers say about ALL ONE:

“I have been looking for this for years. I hate taking pills and so I would not take my supplements regularly. Thank you so much for making a tasting-good supplement with B vitamins. I have so much energy now! You can quote me!” – Boulder, CO

“I find that 99% of my friends who try ALL ONE are crazy about it. There are no pills to swallow, which makes it easy for women to slip into their husband’s juice in the morning. It tastes great. I do believe in it very strongly.” -Tualatin, Oregon

“I absolutely love your product! I cannot take regular pill form vitamins as they make me kind of nauseous, but I know that I need to be taking them. I am a vegetarian so it is so important for me to find something that is vegetarian, easy for me to take, and gives me energy. I can last at work all day when I take it in the morning what a difference. I have also turned on several of my vegetarian friends to your product…” – JT, Sherman Oaks, CA

“This stuff is THE BEST multi vitamin ever! I’ll never go back to using tablets again. I’m hooked! I’m glad to have found your web site so I can order directly and not have to ever worry about running out! Your product helped me train for and complete my first marathon (March 2001) and my first triathlon (June 2001). Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a fantastic product!” – Winchester, VA

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  1. I’ve taken all sorts of vitamins and I do agree: ALL ONE is the best one yet. Easy to take in am with my daily juice – it’s the first one that I actually take daily – and I feel better for it.

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