The Best Liquid Vitamin Mineral Supplements?

Liquid Vitamin Supplements Lack the Power of Powders

In recent years there has been an increased interest in finding the best way to take nutritional supplements, as a result the popularity of liquid vitamins and minerals has grown. The benefits of not having to swallow pills and evidence of increased absorption possible from a liquid supplement certainly makes sense. We have had many of our stores and regular customers ask us why doesn’t ALL ONE make a liquid supplement?


Once you mix ALL ONE with the beverage of your choice it is a liquid vitamin. All the absorption benefits of a liquid and so much more.

Ready-to-drink liquids just don’t have the potency, purity and variety of ALL ONE Powders.

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The reasoning behind liquid supplements is valid.?  We knew that taking your vitamins and minerals in a liquid form was beneficial 35 years ago when we developed the original ALL ONE Powder.?  However, we discovered way back then that a pre-mixed liquid vitamin and mineral supplement fall short for the following reasons: Due to taste and stability factors, premixed liquid multiples are low in potency and necessitate the need for preservatives to keep the nutrients from breaking down.  Also, premixed liquid supplements add flavorings to mask the taste and suspending agents to keep the nutrients in the fluid.

The Bad News About Liquid Vitamins

People buy liquid supplements to improve their health and because they absorb better than vitamin pills. But ironically, they could unwittingly be doing irreversible damage to their bodies. Studies show that the chemical makeup of any liquid vitamin supplement containing sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate is the perfect environment for the formation of benzene when combined with ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. Benzene has been linked to leukemia and other cancers of the blood and can cross the placenta, affecting the fetus. It has also been linked to hyperactivity in children.

These qualities set ALL ONE powders apart from liquid vitamins:

Potency - ALL ONE powders are some of the highest potency products available. Read and compare the labels; 1000mg of Vitamin C, up to 1125mg of Calcium, a complete B complex, 400IU of Vitamin E, and up to 15,000IU of Vitamin A with beta carotene.  You get all that along with a complete accompaniment of micronutrients, important amino acids, digestive enzymes and other beneficial whole food factors for a complete body balance. No premixed liquid can physically hold that many nutrients.

Purity - ALL ONE powders contain no yeast, gluten, sweeteners, flavorings, binders, fillers or preservatives. Again read the label.  All liquids include some kind of preservative to keep the water soluble vitamins from breaking down as well as additional non-nutritive ingredients to keep the vitamins suspended in solution. Liquids are also often loaded with flavorings and sweeteners.

Taste - Most all liquids are flavored and sweetened. Even if this is done with “natural” flavors you are still stuck with the exact same flavor day after day, and who needs to regularly supplement their diet with flavorings and sweeteners anyway??  With ALL ONE powders you have limitless options.?  You can mix it in a variety of juices, rice and soy drinks – heck even chocolate milk. Many pre-made smoothies and protein drinks available now are also great options.

Check out this chart for a quick comparison of ALL ONE with some of the popular liquid vitamins available.

The difference is clear, premixed liquids are lacking. When mixed with water or juice, ALL ONE powder makes the best liquid vitamins and minerals!

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  4. I’ve used all kinds of vitamins, including pre-mixed liquids and I have to say the best liquid is actually a powder mixed with my favorite juice or smoothie. ALL ONE is potent and dissolves easily when mixed with juice. My body feels better when taking it. Also concerned with the additives in most liquids and like that ALL ONE is pure and free of additives and preservatives.

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