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Green Food Supplements

The Benefits of Green Food Supplements The Green food revolution has come and never left; the Green Foods are here to stay. The evidence is clear. These foods are so nutrient dense, rich in chlorophyll, enzymes and trace minerals that … Continue reading

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Five Tips for Fixing Your "Junk Food Jones"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New study shows why we can’t “eat just one” An interview with nutrition expert Doug Ingoldsby, “The Vitamin Professor” (Jones; “a desire for something that may be sought irrespective of the consequences”, Urban Dictionary) Obese people often … Continue reading

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Americans are Snacking Themselves Silly

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (DATE: 3/23/2010) Study finds adults are crunching & munching between meals in record numbers An interview with nutritional educator Doug Ingoldsby Are you toting a bag of potato chips in your briefcase? Hiding a package of cookies … Continue reading

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Senior Nutrition: The Importance of Vitamin Supplements

The life span of the average American has increased dramatically. The latest Census data reports that 40 million persons in the United States are over the age of 65 and that number is expected to grow to 71.5 million by … Continue reading

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Senior Multivitamin Supplement Increasingly Important

Recent surveys show that as many as 40 percent of the nations elderly are afflicted with nutritional deficiencies. Most experts agree that poor nutrition accelerates the aging process. A good senior multivitamin and mineral supplement is becoming increasingly important. Some … Continue reading

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Vitamins and Minerals in Foods Enough?

Doug Ingoldsby, AKA “The Vitamin Professor”, appeared on the Mark and Brian radio show recently and addresses a question he gets sometimes: Can’t I get all my vitamins from the foods I eat? Answer: NO, you’re not even eating food! … Continue reading

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ALL ONE Vitamins "Will Make Your Skin Glow"

Here’s a “glowing” testimonial from a happy customer on Amazon.com – See original review – about the ALL ONE Fruit Antioxidant Formula By Rebecca Johnson “SeasonedwithLove.com” (Washington State) “A single scoop of All One 100% pure nutrient powder turns a … Continue reading

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Health and Nutrition for Kids

What every parent should know about children’s vitamins, a key to good health and nutrition for kids. Most kid’s supplements are loaded with colorings, dyes and sweeteners with very low potency vitamins. Unfortunately, our kid’s get enough sugar, flavorings and … Continue reading

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Protect Against Swine Flu With These 4 Key Nutrients

What can I do to protect against swine flu? With flu season upon us, there is lots of scare talk out there right now about the dangers of swine flu. It is true that the center for disease control is … Continue reading

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All One Vitamins Founder on AM Arizona

All One founder Doug Ingoldsby talks on the AM Arizona show about the benefits of powdered vitamins such as those offered by All One.

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