List of Gluten Free Foods

Gluten is a unique, complex protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Isolated gluten is sticky and stretches much like chewing gum. In flour, these properties make dough elastic and give bread its spongy texture. However, because of its stretchy resilience, it can be very difficult to digest. If a person has a compromised digestive system from such things as stress or illness then it is very likely that the gluten in the food they eat will not be fully digested.

Undigested gluten can create a myriad of problems: It promotes bad intestinal bacteria; it sticks to intestinal walls inhibiting proper absorption of nutrients; it can make the passing of waste material extremely difficult (constipation); and it can be absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in nasty allergic reactions.

Holistic medicine practitioners have long identified the potential hazards of gluten and recognize its association with poor digestion and allergic reactions. In recent years there has also been growing evidence that those who suffer from certain forms of schizophrenia, autism and multiple sclerosis benefit from a gluten free diet, seeing a marked improvement in their symptoms when gluten is removed. Mainstream doctors are increasingly acknowledging the benefits of avoiding gluten, as conditions such as Crohn’s disease (inflammatory bowel disease) and celiac disease (an autoimmune disease in which the lining of the small intestine is damaged by gluten), are being diagnosed more frequently.

Removing gluten from ones diet is a sensitive area to address as we have all been raised on cereals and breads as familiar staples and comfort food. If an intolerance were suspected then switching to a diet that limits the intake of cereals to rice, millet and buckwheat would be favorable.

List of Gluten Free Foods

Generally, we suggest you eat locally grown, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, as much as possible. Avoid breads, cereals, pasta made from wheat. Read labels of any processed foods to make sure no gluten is used. Careful here because food makers often hide it under different names. The following foods are considered “safe” for gluten free diets: (adapted from the Gluten Free Chef)

Fresh meat
Fish and shellfish
Poultry and game
Fresh herbs
Dried fruit
Cottage cheese (not cheese spreads)
Milk (when newly diagnosed you may be lactose intolerant)
Dried beans, peas and pulses
Vegetable oils, sunflower oil, olive oil
Almonds, ground or whole
Rice, ground, long or short grain
Rice cakes/crackers
Rice flour (and other gluten free flours)
Cream of tartar
Bicarbonate of soda
Dried peppercorns
Cornflour (from the maize plant
Tamari soy sauce
Yogurts (without crunchy bits)
Cider vinegar
Wine vinegar
Distilled vinegar
Flax seed
Corn Tortillas
Corn tacos
Popcorn (check any coating)
Homemade soups (not roux based)
Jelly (jello)
Golden syrup
Black treacle or molasses
Tea (check herb teas first)
Fruit juice
Fruit squash (not barley water
gluten free beer
Xanthan gum (replaces “elastic” quality of gluten)

Supplements For a Gluten Free Diet Especially Important

Gluten is prolific in the common western diet being used as an ingredient in many processed foods and condiments. It can be challenging for someone who is trying to design a gluten free diet to be sure that they are getting all the nutrients they need. Especially as malabsorption of food nutrients is often a side effect of gluten intolerance.

This is where choosing a good multi vitamin and mineral supplement can play a key role. The form and quality of the multi vitamin and mineral are two important factors to consider when choosing a supplement. ALL ONE offers five high potency and completely gluten free formulas in powder form. The pure powdered form of the ALL ONE Supplements can play a key role in making the badly needed nutrition easily available with a minimal amount of digestion. The ALL ONE multi formulas are easy to digest and absorb when mixed with a favorite juice. The formulas do not contain any yeast, sweeteners, additives, fillers, or binders so the body does not have the challenge of processing and eliminating any non-nutritive ingredients.

ALL ONE’s multi vitamin and mineral powders are the perfect nutrition staple for anyone trying to follow a low gluten or gluten free diet. The formulas are designed to deliver a balanced, high potency, broad-spectrum nutritional profile, and are combined with pure food bases of the highest quality. There are three dairy free/vegan formulas and 2 with a dairy protein base, all are gluten free.

NOTE: We at ALL ONE have our products tested by an independent lab.  The ALL ONE  multiple powders all test to be gluten free.  The gluten allergens come from the “protein” in wheat, barley and other grains.  The wheat (Kamut) grass and the barley grass used in our Green formula  is gathered, juiced and freeze dried as they have just sprouted and BEFORE the wheat matures.  This is prior to the development of wheat protein (gluten). Thus, we would add to the above list of gluten free foods, wheat grass and barley grass that is harvested BEFORE the wheat matures. The only ALL ONE products that are NOT gluten free are the 2 ALL ONE “Weight Loss” Formulas.

JOIN US: You can buy ALL ONE at your local health food store (see our Store Locator) or purchase online using our secure shopping cart. Check our home page and join our email list below for updates about product specials. On Facebook or Twitter? Join us there as well.

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  6. It’s not easy but am trying to eat gluten free. Thanks for the info and it’s good to know I can take ALL ONE in confidence.

  7. Pat says:

    I’ve got celiac disease, so this info is really important. It’s good to know that ALL ONE is gluten free, since this sort of nutritional supplement is really important when your diet is a bit limited, like mine is.

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  15. Mohammed Touqeer says:

    Thank you so much… I too have celiace disease. Hope to be careful for the next of my life.

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