How To Choose the Best Vitamin brand?

The nutritional supplement market is now a multi-billion dollar enterprise. It was multi-millions back when I got into it but with the success and effectiveness of supplements it is now multi-billions. Due to restrictions placed on companies by the regulatory agencies FDA (Food and Drug Administration and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) the multitude of companies competing for your attention can’t really “say” anything. Anything that appears as a “claim” meets with swift penalties. So how do consumers know the facts to choose the best vitamin brand?

The reality is that in an industry this large, simply due to the vast scale and volume, many of the key ingredients are produced by a limited number of raw material manufacturers. Therefore, there is a very good chance that the Thiamine (Vitamin B-1) or Riboflavin (B-2) found in those cute, pretty colored vitamins jumping out of the airplane, in Centrum tablet television ads come from the same supplier that we use here at ALL ONE and most likely the same B-1 and B-2 that is used by the company that is claiming they are the best vitamin brand because they “grow” their vitamins. It is a similar story when it comes to the important minerals like Calcium.

What makes ALL ONE the best Vitamin brand?

Two things make ALL ONE the best vitamin brand. Not a fortune spent on television advertising. Not some mumbo jumbo fairy tale about squeezing vitamins from plants … just two simple things:

1. Mode of administration.? How you get the nutrients into your body. Not a compressed tablet which contains binders, fillers, disintegrating agents, coatings and other non nutritive additives. Not a pre made liquid that contains flavorings, sweeteners, suspending agents and artificial preservatives. ALL ONE is unique in a billion dollar supplement market in the sense that it is the only complete pure nutrient multiple powder free of any sweeteners and flavorings ALL ONE is pure nutrition and nothing else.

2. Combination of ingredients. More complete than any liquid or tablet ALL ONE contains protein which provides generous portions of naturally occurring amino acids important in the assimilation of Calcium and other minerals as well as well as providing a natural “food base” for ALL ONE’s complete vitamin profile.

In a highly competitive supplement market place these two simple things make ALL ONE the best vitamin brand.

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4 Responses to How To Choose the Best Vitamin brand?

  1. Wayne says:

    I’ve been taking All-One Rice Formula for 6 months now and DO feel the difference. I have more energy and my skin is clearer. I agree with Doug that All-One really is the “best vitamin brand”. The easy bio-availability of a powder makes perfect sense and is brilliant. Thanks All-One for a great product at a fair price.

  2. Doug Ingoldsby says:

    I agree that ‘Source Naturals’ puts out very high quality products and innovative formulations. Their Wellness Formulas is famous in our industry. However, like many other formulas out there the “Life Force” formula comes in a gelatin capsule. While capsules are better ‘mode of administration’ than a compressed tablets, which are hard to digest, break apart and contain non nutritive additives (binders, fillers, flow agents, disintegrating and coating agents) they don’t hold a candle to a pure nutrient powder like ALL ONE. ALL ONE is free of ALL non nutritive excipiants used in the manufacture of pills and capsules. A pure powder is available instantly and a heaping tablespoon full of ALL ONE gives you not only the multiple vitamin, mineral blend but generous portions of protein, green foods, fruit pigments and other important ‘food co-factors’ not found in pills and capsules. ALL ONE Multiple formulas are also Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians (4 formulas are certified Vegan) and “Life Force” is not.

  3. CAROL DAVIS says:

    what are isolates and does ALL ONE have

    • dougingoldsby says:

      Unsure what you mean by isolates. Our formulas and ingredients are all listed when you roll your mouse over the particular product you are interested in. I will be happy to clarify when you define what you mean by isolates.
      ALL ONE Founder
      Doug Ingoldsby

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