Fat Loss Secrets of the Ancient Romans

Just about everyone is looking for way to lose weight. A way to lose body fat in particular. The market place is crowded with diet programs. There are pills to “burn fat” and a whole host of advertisements and television commercials displaying colorful “before and after” photographs showing belly fat becoming magically transformed into six pack abs. So is there a fat loss secret Is there a fat loss program out there that will help you to lose body fat and at the same time keep you healthy Is there one simple diet program that it is as healthy as it is effective In a word: Yes. We have found a fat loss secret that has its origins in ancient Rome: Activated Barley.

Your own personal fat loss secret

barley-seedUsed by the Romans for endurance and energy, Activated Barley is the secret ingredient for fat loss in our ALL ONE Weight Loss Formulas. Referred to as potentiated Barley the Romans would soak barley seed in water overnight and just before it sprouted they would press the seeds releasing the energy into the water. This pre sprouted barley juice was their secret for lasting energy to burn and kept them going without having to eat. The same ingredient that provided energy to conquer the world can get you thin. The same fuel available now in our ALL ONE Weight Loss Formula powder lets us eat less, without losing energy or feeling hungry. The result is a secret fitness model that allows us to lose fat without the cravings and the up and down emotions so common to most diet and fat loss programs.

Lose weight without sacrificing your health and well being

wlstaggeredthumb1To this unique activated barley we have added a host of important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Nutrients like L-Carnatine and Chromate (niacin bound Chromium) which increase the fat burning potential, Banaba which supports blood sugar stability as well as organic flax seed and probiotics to assist digestion. These are just a few of the unique ingredients that make up our proprietary formulation. Simple, effective and healthy the ALL ONE Weight Loss plan is spelled out in an easy to read pamphlet attached to the lid of the container. A superior combination of ingredients that keep you feeling full, energetic and healthy and at the same time, allowing you to lose weight. The fat loss secrets of the ancient Romans are now revealed and available to you!

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4 Responses to Fat Loss Secrets of the Ancient Romans

  1. Thank you Mathew. I enjoyed reading your blog as well. Nice practical tips with regards to developing positive habits, eating the right foods and developing a good routine for real weight loss. (Readers here can access Mathew’s blog by clicking on his name.) Please alert your readers to our ALL ONE Weight Loss formulas. These formulas give a healthy helping hand for those interested in fat loss. Keep up the good work!

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  3. Ken Foraker says:

    Hey Doug, awesome work on this Blog! I wanted to chime in my two cents which is only really about 1.25 cents in this economy, and that is:

    My #1 secret to losing weight is to stop eating as much food. I have found that with a short fast to kick it off and lots of water, and observing when/why we eat I have personally discovered Americans like myself eat for emotions more than nutrition. Advertising and the lack of nutrients in our system causes craving for fatty/salty/sweet foods that are a short term comfort but a long term detriment. Once the cycle of addiction is broken, ie not eating those chips just because we are a little hungry, our bodies and minds lessen the cravings and we feel better eating less. As we eat more nutritious food and take All One Vitamins, the body heals itself and things like cookies to me now make me feel sick if I eat them.

    There is a saying in Islamic religion, “It is OK to be hungry”. I like this a lot because it feels really good to be hungry and not succumb to a crappy alternative to healthy foods. Better to wait and eat something yummy and nutritious.

    From my personal research I have read that the human body actually only repairs itself in a semi starved state, if it is inundated with too much food to process it cannot repair the cells while it is trying to eliminate all the extra toxins that came with all that extra food. We are not food processors, but rather a self-repairing machine seeking homeostasis. I think I only eat around 1200 calories a day but have never felt better in my entire life!

    Keep up the good Work!

    Ken Foraker

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