ALL ONE Weight Loss Meal Replacement

The ALL ONE Weight Loss Formula was developed to be used either as a diet meal replacement shake or as satisfying snack while following a reduced calorie diet. The proprietary blend of nutrients includes the low glycemic index, high fiber Aktivated Barley™, organic flax seed, l-Carnitine, soy lecithin and green tea extract which has been added to New Zealand whey protein providing a quality source for sustainable energy, avoiding the energy highs and lows often associated with dieting. See also: Weight Loss Meal Replacement Shake.

Aktivated Barley™ for Healthy Weight Loss

Aktivated Barley™ is our own formulation of the barley grain, an energizing grain that provided ancient Roman soldiers the stamina to move at five miles per hour on foot carrying 40 kilo packs on their backs. These were the fastest moving foot soldiers the world has ever seen before or since, and they moved on half a cup of barley per man (Keep in mind that this was grain barley, not even pre-sprouted!). This super-active form of grain milk was used by ancient Greeks and Romans to help infants survive when their mothers died in childbirth. They prepared the grain by soaking it for 24 hours, mashing it into gruel, then boiling it for 40 minutes to just barely initiate the sprouting process. They would then squeeze the hot, mashed mixture through cloth, saving the liquid with all of the nutrients intact, and discarding only the hard outer casings of the barley. Cooled, this was a replacement for mothers’ milk that was so effective it was soon passed on throughout the ancient world, as were so many of the technological and medical breakthroughs of the Greeks and Romans.  This ancient formula was revived by the United Nations years ago when relief workers were seeking to thwart malnutrition and starvation in developing nations. The UN widely distributed handbooks with the very ancient method for preparing what came to be known as “barley milk” or “activated barley.” Aktivated Barley™ is a primary active ingredient in our diet meal replacement product, ALL ONE Weight Loss Formula, that helps you maintain healthy metabolic function, feel energetic and clear headed.

Obesity On the Rise Globally

Statistics indicate that obesity and weight related diseases are definitely on the increase globally.  Late in 2006, the World Health Organization described it as a pandemic.  In America alone, 66% of adults are over weight or obese which is an increase of 11% over the past 15 years.  A more alarming statistic is how many children are now obese and showing pre-diabetic signs as well.  In 2004, 19% of the children ages 9-11 and 17% of the children ages 12-19 were considered over weight or obese.  There is much more information available about health and people are more aware of that information.  However, the nature of the food that people eat and the more sedentary lifestyles that we have are not offset by the information.

The Key Elements for Maintaining Optimal Weight

The key elements to maintaining optimal weight and keeping fit are to eat sensibly and to exercise regularly.  With the surplus of high calorie/low nutrient foods available compounded with an increase in sedentary jobs, more and more people are finding it a challenge to keep pounds off.  Eating sensibly means eating fewer refined carbohydrates, eating 5 to 6 small meals a day (to avoid blood sugar spikes and dips), by increasing the amount of protein eaten each day and by emphasizing high fiber, low glycemic foods.  Exercising regularly should be at least 30 minutes per day and should be at least 5 days a week.  Optimally, it would include both strength training and cardiovascular training.

Diet Should Be Long Term for Long Term Results

A short term ‘diet’ of any kind will have short term results if sensible lifestyle choices are not maintained over the long term. If you lose 10 lbs on a diet of meal replacements and veggies but go back to your old high fat, high starch eating pattern afterwards, the lost weight will most certainly return. On the other hand, high quality, nutrient dense meal replacement powders and shakes such as ALL ONE Weight Loss can be a key component of a long term weight loss and ongoing weight management regime. The benefits of ALL ONE Weight Loss include more sensible eating, less fat storage, more energy and better success achieving and maintaining optimal body weight.

Eliminate Food Cravings With Good Nutrition

We also recommend that the weight loss powder be taken in conjunction with one of the ALL ONE multi-vitamin and mineral formulas, this ensures that the body receives optimum nutrition while reducing caloric intake. Putting an end to the stress, moodiness, depression, low energy and “foggy brain” often associated with dieting. Furthermore, certain food cravings, especially for salt or sugar, are essentially the body’s way of expressing that it is undernourished. Given a well nourished body from a sound diet AND high potency supplements, many of these food cravings disappear.

The ALL ONE Weight Loss diet meal replacement powder was scientifically designed to support your weight management efforts, and is a great compliment to healthy lifestyle choices for permanent and sustainable weight loss.

I have tried numerous diet drinks and protein drinks. They all tasted terrible and I did not last a week drinking them. The All One Weight Loss was different. It really satisfied me and I was not hungry until lunch time. I went the entire morning without being hungry. The most important thing is that I lost weight the first month and inches the 2nd month and continued to lose inches the third month. The All One Weight Loss formula has been fantastic for me.
- Karen L.

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