Anti Aging Vitamins and Supplements

When I first got into the vitamin business, nearly 40 years ago, my father told me that “most folks don’t seriously begin consuming vitamins and supplements until they are around 50 years old.” When we are young it seems that no matter what you do to yourself the next day you have tons of energy and feel great. There is no such thing as feeling tired or run down. So coming from that place where you think of yourself as indestructible and going to live forever … who needs vitamins? What aging?

The interesting thing is that if during that, what I refer to as the indestructible period is exactly the time to be preparing your body to fight the ravages of aging. Be sure your body is receiving generous portions of amino acids (which make up protein), powerful antioxidants which fight free radicals. Studies have shown that complete multiple supplements that contain vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids fight the production of free radicals. Free radicals are what accelerate the aging process.

Is there one anti aging vitamin?

There are many.?  There are the well known antioxidants Vitamins A, C, E and beta carotene.?  There are also powerful antioxidants found in the coloring pigments in natural fruits and vegetables?  like Lutein and Lycopene.?  Even the B complex vitamins, known for years to fight stress, can be considered anti aging vitamins along with folic acid.?  Organic green foods which are rich in?  chlorophyl (light weight protein) also play an important roles in anti aging supplements for both men and women.?  So when choosing, rather than looking for a single magic bullet, look for the the most comprehensive (complete) formula possible.

And certainly before you listen to the longevity proponents and try untested measures such as DHEA or Testosterone Hormone replacement or Resveratrol, consider first the powerful anti aging effects of good diet, general wellness as well as a comprehensive vitamin supplement.

ALL ONE Multiple formulas contain not only high doses of the antioxidants mentioned above, but also the widest range other vitamins, minerals, amino acids and important natural food factors.?  All of these additional nutrients and co-factors are so necessary in provide the proper balance of nutrition needed for an effective anti aging supplement.

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